Xuanhua Construction Machinery Co., Ltd

Xuanhua  Construction  Machinery  Co., Ltd.  (Hereinafter  referred  to   as  HBXG)  was  founded  in  1950. HBXG  is  the  pioneer of the track bulldozer manufacture in China. Now it has become a  state-owned public company, a leading manufacturer of bulldozer, HBXG locates in Xuanhua, a historic  city  in Hebei Provincewith 175  kilometers  away from Beijing, capital of China.

At present, main products cover bulldozer, wheel loader,  roller, excavator and pipe layer etc. HBXG now has T series and SD series bulldozer occupies high market share in domestic and overseas market. Elevated sprocket bulldozer technology is on behalf of the most advance technology level and highest manufacturing level. Reasonable design and layout determines the elevated sprocket bulldozer possessing features of high efficiency, high quality, high durability and easy maintenance.

HBXG possesses more than 1200 sets of high-tech and high-precision equipment. the bulldozer producing ability of 3300 units per year. casting project forms the 20000 tons producing ability per year, becomes the casting parts supplier of many famous international companies.